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When it comes to document management, Worldox offers you more immediate and long-term business value than any other solution. Worldox is sensible, proven document management, rooted firmly in the needs, goals, and feedback of real users and their organizations.

Take charge of your organization’s knowledge and intellectual property assets

Every year, the amount of information you own soars… yet again. The information you possess -- information you’ve paid to create -- represents a huge potential competitive advantage. But that competitive advantage disappears if your people can’t get to the right information at the moment they need it.

In too many organizations, that’s still not possible. By one recent estimate, 15% of all documents are misplaced, and in some environments up to 30% of the workday is spent searching for information. The fact is, when it comes to finding what you’re looking for, all too often today’s shared hard drives, intranets, and even Web sites might as well be “electronic landfills.”

Without effective, coherent ways of managing their documents, organizations find it harder than it should be to address problems like document retention and compliance. Perhaps worst of all, businesses miss opportunities – either because they can’t identify them, or because they can’t respond quickly enough.

Worldox is the solution!
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Complete Imaging Solution for Worldox®

Symphony Suite completely optimizes the entire workflow process of scanning and filing, making it as easy to work with paper documents as it is to work with electronic documents.

Symphony Profiler makes saving paper into Worldox as simple as saving any electronic document. With one button press, batch scan multiple documents and have them automatically and precisely filed to Worldox.

Symphony OCR allows all of your images to be searchable via the Worldox full text search engine. Images can come from any source - your scanner, e-mail attachments, physical media - even a huge legacy directory of scanned documents.  Take all of those PDFs that are sitting in your document store and make them productive--convert them to searchable documents without any user involvement!