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What is Symphony OCR™?

The Symphony OCR add-on for Worldox® enables you to use Worldox’s powerful text search capabilities to find documents by typing in any word or phrase found anywhere in the body of that document. Scanners convert paper documents into “imaged” PDF files. Symphony’s OCR engine converts these files into image + text PDF files so that the entire document is automatically indexed by Worldox. With the power of Symphony OCR, you can:

  • Easily find documents regardless of how they were filed, by performing a standard text search in Worldox
  • Quickly and easily perform a search for a word or phrase found anywhere within the document
  • Copy and paste text from the PDF document into a Word or WordPerfect document

How Does Symphony OCR Work?

Symphony OCR has two primary discovery features: the Document Monitor and the Cabinet Crawler. The Document Monitor constantly monitors the Worldox document repository for newly saved documents. When a document gets saved to Worldox, the Document Monitor checks to see if it needs to be OCR’d and if so, it OCR’s it. It’s that simple. New documents are processed within minutes of being saved to Worldox.

But Symphony OCR does not stop there. What about all your legacy files that were saved months or years ago? Symphony’s Cabinet Crawler crawls throughout your Worldox repository looking for any document that needs to be OCR’d, no matter how old. And no human engagement is required, so the Cabinet Crawler works 24/7 converting all of your files – old and new – into text searchable documents. And Symphony OCR does not care how the documents got to Worldox or what brand of scanner or MFP you used.

“But our firm OCR’s at the scanner!”

Your firm receives documents from a number of sources other than paper. These documents arrive via email attachments, e-fax, disks, thumb drives and other sources. These documents do not need to be scanned, but can be saved directly to Worldox.

So if you are only OCR’ing documents when you scan, you are only covering one of the many ways that documents get saved into Worldox. In this scenario, that PDF that you received attached to an email from your client will not get OCR’d unless you print it out and scan it back in. Same is true for documents received via a disk, thumb drive or other media.

OCR’ing at the scanner also slows down your scanner significantly, tying up both the scanner and the staff member doing the scanning. Symphony OCR allows you to turn off your scanner’s OCR feature. This will speed up your scanner significantly, freeing it up to do more scanning and freeing your staff to perform other tasks.

Benefits of Symphony OCR

Some of the many benefits of Symphony that differentiate it from other OCR engines include:


Installation Requirements

Symphony OCR should be installed to the Worldox Indexer workstation. Minimum workstation requirements for Symphony are: