Profile, Scan and File Documents in Two Simple Steps

Symphony Profiler allows firms to quickly profile, scan and file documents into the Worldox DMS in two simple steps:

sympjony lookStep 1: Make a Quick Reservation

Staff members use Symphony Profiler to quickly make reservations for each document to be scanned. A reservation includes information about how the document is to be filed into Worldox, and documents with similar profiles can have their profiles copied to the next document, saving valuable time.

Step 2: Scan It & Forget It

Interns or clerical staff can batch scan a large number of documents with the press of a single button. The documents are then auto-matically scanned and filed into Worldox based on the information entered in the reservation. During this process, all files automatically become “text-searchable” by any keyword or phrase found anywhere within the document with the help of Symphony OCR.


Automatically Make Documents Text-Serarchable Without Even Pushing a Button Symphony OCR enables users to fully leverage the powerful text-search capabilities within your DMS. Regardless of origin or date of receipt, all documents automatically become text-searchable by any keyword or phrase found anywhere in the document. That means any document in your Document Management System – past, present or future – received via any means (email attachment, e-fax, external disk, thumb drive, or scanner) – will be automatically OCR’d without even pressing a single button!

Symphony Profiler from Trumpet, Inc on Vimeo.

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