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worldox bulk document archiving connector

crawler 01This Connector simplifies and safely archives large numbers of outdated documents over time while users continue to work while experiencing no downtime.

  • Improves users’ searching experience as searches are faster and resulting file lists contain more pertinent documents.
  • For the Worldox Administrator, it reduces Worldox indexer initialization and update times.
  • It frees up disk space on the storage device.
  • Removes file clutter while still allowing for instant access when required.

Worldox client matter connectors

Worldox Client Matter Connectors automate the process of updating Worldox profile field tables by performing real time SQL querys against your time and billing or case management system to ensure up to date information and real time access. Connectors are available for Elite, Juris, Omega, LawBase, Prolaw, PCLaw and others.

  • Real-time client-matter number updates
  • Auto-archive documents based upon time and billing closed matters

connectors partnersSecure document sharing and extranet connectors

Worldox has partnered with the markets leading extranet solutions to allow seamless and secure sharing of your firm’s content.