Newly redesigned architecture optimized for multi-site environments.

Worldox GX3 EnterpriseWorldox GX3 Enterprise is adapted for multi-office, remote access environments. The Enterprise version features an add-on server component that allows fast connectivity from on-site desktops, from remote offices and out-of-office machines:

  • A redesigned network platform delivers optimized wide-area network performance.

  • A centralized server schema (dedicated Worldox server) improves remote access capabilities

  • New Indexer utilities greatly simplify maintenance and troubleshooting in multiple-indexer set-ups.

  • Integrates with the latest ISYS – another way indexer performance is optimized.

Best of all, Enterprise is not a limited-feature, web-based tool. It’s the familiar, easy-to use Worldox – virtually identical to GX3 Professional, our classic desktop product. No learning curve, no retraining needed. All the features that make Worldox such a popular, cost-effective document management solution are here.

GX3 = SPEED + enhanced integration

A redesigned, optimized architecture delivers data to your screen faster, as much as 60% faster than earlier versions in certain critical operations. GX3 has more 3rd party integrations, connections and system tools. Plus the ability to view Portfolio PDF’s... a new ISYS engine, for streamlined indexing database management... tighter MS Active Directory integration... better MS server integration too, for faster, easier maintenance and setup.

No usability compromises

Worldox GX3 always looks and feels the same, no matter how or where you use it. With GX3 Enterprise, that means anywhere – office, home office, on the road