worldox 2017

Worldox GX4® is comprehensive, practical, sensible document management for the real world...your real world. Using Worldox GX4, you can give your people fast, easy access to all the information and knowledge you own, from word processing files and spreadsheets to emails and scanned documents even voice mails – virtually anything that can be stored as a file.

Worldox GX4 Professional

Worldox GX4 brings together everything you need to organize, control, describe, index, and categorize all of your electronic documents and e-mail content. Here’s just some of what it provides:

  • An easy, friendly, unified interface that allows users to instantly pinpoint and view the right file, wherever it was created, whatever format it uses, or wherever it’s stored
  • Quick Profiling, to help streamline and accelerate the process of “profiling” new files, so they can be instantly accessed by whoever needs them
  • Advanced full text search and retrieval, powered by the industrial-strength ISYS enterprise searchengine
  • Built-in Outside/In document viewing that supports over 270 formats, whether or not the source programs are available
  • Powerful, granular document security, at the document, user, and group level, plus full support for your organization’s Active Directory security model, and comprehensive auditing
  • Complete access and version control, to help multiple authors coordinate their activities and make sure the correct document version is always being used
  • Full-fledged document retention and archiving tools that let you automatically assign predefined lifecycles to your documents, and specify what will happen when those lifecycles end

Openness, scalability, and integration

Worldox GX4 is scalable enough to serve virtually any organization. Right now, it’s serving enterprises ranging from Deutsche Bank to Pacific Gas & Electric, and prominent law firms of all sizes.

Beyond scalability, these organizations appreciate Worldox GX4’s exceptional openness and ease of integration. Worldox GX4 integrates directly with:

  • Microsoft Office (including Microsoft Office 2010) and other office suites
  • E-mail systems such as Outlook, GroupWise and Lotus Notes
  • Law practice and financial services systems
  • Time and billing applications
  • Major scanning hardware/software platforms, and much more

Using the Worldox API, developers can create custom applications and workflows to streamline virtually any document-related process. And, using add-on tools like wd for SQL Connector, you can use Worldox data in any SQL-based reporting or enterprise application, too.