Training is so critical to getting all of the planning and preparation work out to your users. Technology changes faster all of the time and training is essential to all of your staff to get the most from your technology investments.   Whether you are deploying a single application, upgrading or doing a whole desktop makeover, it is important that the right training program gets delivered to the appropriate folks.

I have been training for over 20 years.  I have developed many tried and tested training solutions that will allow you to leverage your time and dollars to get most from your training budget.

Questions to consider for your training program:

  • Who gets trained and when?
  • Development and testing of custom instructions on how to handle firm specific upgrade or conversion issues.
  • Creation and customization of feature sheets, keystroke shortcuts, how-to instructions, etc. There are many creative options available to make your project cost effective and use technology you have currently available in your organization today.
  • Wrap up and follow up of project. How will we track issues?  How will we plan for updates that result from user group feedback?

On-Going Issues:

  • How will new hires be introduced to your firm’s system?
  • How will new features and updates be rolled out?
  • How will we work with you going forward?

Training Solutions Include: Microsoft Office:  2010, 2013, 2016

  • Microsoft Word – Topic Specific - Mini Classes-- Boot Camps
  • Introduction To; Review; Re-Train

Document Management


  • End User – Implementation, New Hires, Refreshers
  • Administrators
  • Worldox Productivity Suite


  • Symphony OCR for Administrators
  • Symphony Profiler

Other Products

  • compareDocs
  • pdfDocs